If you have additional questions please contact us, we'd be glad to answer your building questions.

As a building contractor we can coordinate the complete building process. Our goal as a building contractor is to reduce and contain overall project costs, provide a one-source project contact for smooth project flow, and always stay within the project timeline.

Yes. We do have certain selected subcontractors we usually work with, but we are open to working with your selected subcontractors if you wish. We always get more than one bid on the various project services to give you a broader range to choose from and stay within project costs.

Most jobs we will be glad to bid for you, but if the nature of the project is very unique or if many changes are expected it may work out better on an hourly basis. We're glad to work within your project needs.

Our range is usually within one hour of Minocqua, Wisconsin. Depending on the project and our schedule we may travel further. Please give us a call and we'll be glad to discuss your project.