Painting & Staining

Interior & Exterior

Timberwolf Construction offers a full range of interior and exterior painting and staining services for both convention homes and log homes. The beauty of our construction projects have always been a testament to the quality of our painting and staining expertise. We also offer these services to any home owner no matter who built or remolded their home.  We can start today!


Log Home Staining

Keeping Your Log Home Looking Great!

The north woods of Wisconsin present a special challenge to a log home's exterior finish. The intense sun of summer, the damp of the north woods, and the long harsh winters can be very hard on the exterior finish of your log home. Quality materials and the "north woods know how" of Timberwolf Construction will maintain the beauty of your log home for many years to come. Protect your investment and keep it looking great.

Exterior Log Home Staining & Finishing

A broad range of exterior log and wood surfaces require a broad range of specialized wood finishing products. We stay up on the latest long-life products so we can offer you the best quality finish for your log home or wood surface. Log home finishes need to protect from UV exposure, rain, and snow. We use the best quality products for your application to give you the longest lasting exterior finish.

Interior Home Staining & Finishing for Log Homes and Wood Finishes

Interior wood finishes for log homes and interior wood surfaces don't need to protect from rain and snow but their quality is of no less importance than exterior finishes. The quality of interior log staining and interior wood finishing products are important due to the contact with your living environment. You want your home's interior to be both beautiful and safe for your family. We can help you attain that goal no matter whether it's a log surface, wood flooring and stairs, or window and door finishes.

Exterior Painting - Conventional Homes

Harsh outdoor conditions, mold, mildew, and intense sun can wreak havoc on a poor quality paint or a poor quality application. Exterior paint products have made dramatic advancements in the past number of years with improvements in application, fade resistance, and durability. We know what will work for your north woods home. You can rely on our exterior painting services for a beautiful and long lasting exterior finish for your conventional home. From the prep work to the finishing trim, our painting services are top notch.

Interior Painting

Durability, rich color, and a stand-out finish, you want all of those qualities in the paint you choose for your home's interior. You also want top quality work and attention to detail. We can provide all of that for the interior painting of your home. Quality work starts with quality products. We work with the best products and we offer the best application quality. Ask our satisfied clients.